What Is My Life Purpose?

Most people usually get to a place in life where they wonder why they are here or what it is they were created to do, or their purpose. Often we try to answer that question through looking at our careers and relationships. We spend too much time wondering or worrying about who we are and what others think. The reality is that deep down we all desire the same things…. we long to be valued, loved, and respected.

Those things are good desires when help properly. Success and status don’t guarantee we will find true purpose. We can achieve much and yet still know deep down we are meant for something else. The truth is that God created each of us to be in a right relationship with Him.

You are a treasured creation that He loves and has blessed with unique talents, passions and interests. You will never find peace if you use those things for yourself without an understanding of why God gave those things to you.

The path to finding purpose starts and ends with your relationship with God. When you are in a right relationship with God, you will discover your true identity and purpose. You will find the strength to get there. We each have been created for something that God planned long before we were born. That “job” he planned for you may not have anything to do with a career, profession or relationship. You can only discover what it is through trusting Him.

Finding true purpose is a big question and we would love to discuss it more with you.