How Do I Let Go Of Worry And Anxiety?

We have all had relationships or issues that sit deep within our hearts. These things can weigh on us are difficult to keep a healthy perspective on. However, none of those get better or are resolved by worrying about them. That can lead to feelings of anxiety. The truth is we often have to let go before things can get better.

When we have the forgiveness and peace of knowing God, we can live knowing He loves us and has a plan for our lives.  In fact, when we find ourselves repeatedly anxious and discouraged about something, we’re often buying into some sort of false perspective. We end up placing more emphasis on the negative things that concern us instead of placing our trust in God who loves and protects us.

Faith takes our eyes off the problem and turns them to God, where all answers are found. In fact, there is a famous verse in scripture which says don’t be anxious about anything. It says no matter what is going on, we should thank God in prayer and ask Him to take our concerns. When we do that, we receive a peace that covers all things and guards our hearts and minds. That verse is Philippians 4:6-7 if you want to read it.

We have a choice every time we face a problem. We can focus on the problem or the corresponding promise God has to carry us through the difficult times. God offers answers and if we are willing to trust His promises then the problems look at lot smaller. Stop letting worry and anxiety drain you of energy and hope. We want to encourage you to start trusting God for peace.

How God wants you to give him all your worries is a big question and we would love to discuss it more with you.