How Do I Stop This Sinful Habit?

We all struggle with sin. Our hearts and minds are at odds. Deep down we know something is wrong or not good for us. Our mind says we should to stop and yet somehow we keep returning.  Some of those sins seem to grab hold of us and it feels like we can’t wrestle free from them no matter what we do. Know that regardless of the sinful habit you are fighting, God loves you and offers forgiveness. That can be hard to believe in those times when we feel alone.

Experience tells us that we each struggle differently with sin. What might be a tripping point for me is easy for you and what keeps making you stumble is not an issue for someone else. I wish there were this simple step that once we do it then we never fall into sinful habits again.

The reality is only one thing will save us and give us the power to start changing how we live. That one thing is faith in Jesus Christ. Once we admit our sins and seek forgiveness from Jesus, then we become a new person. This allows us to think differently, trust God’s Word, and lean into the power of God for help with our every struggle.

How to change the sin that eats our souls is a big question and we would love to discuss it more with you.